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In the life, a few crowds can prefer indulge in idle talk, because,this is nutrition not all very, lack the account of calcic element, need our complement calcic element, and very much now youth because actuating pressure and life pressure too the condition that congress causes nerve to be in insecurity, the symptom that can cause grind one’s teeth thereby happens, suggest everybody should want to note indulge in idle talk so because the hair cause of disease of this kind of symptom prevents, avoid a tooth to be injured.

 Liking indulge in idle talk is what reason

Sleep grind one’s teeth is what reason

1. nutrition disequilibrium

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Phenomenon, like what to eat more, what do not like is absolutely do not eat, create the disequilibrium that nutrition absorbs very easily so, be short of all sorts of calcic, phosphor, vitamins for instance, can cause in the evening grind one’s teeth, still may when days attention is centered not1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Bite the tooth self-consciously close.

2. spirit reason

When sleeping in the evening, the person is the circumstance that is in a kind to loosen, but diurnal a few pressure are done not have as before abreaction, still controlling our cerebra so, perhaps play too excitedly to wait by day, cause what cannot calm to fall asleep, cerebrum is coriaceous still have fraction relatively excited, cause masticatory flesh to contract then and produce indulge in idle talk.

 Liking indulge in idle talk is what reason

3. sleeps appearance is incorrect

When a lot of people are sleeping, the habit maintains a fixed pose to fall asleep, if the pose is incorrect, can cause the case that enters Mian hard to happen, cause next getting so easily actually press press is inhomogenousForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, joint position is changed, dental form contacts tension of the flesh that send jaw to increase into interference, piece can cause appearance of grind one’s teeth.

4. tooth is arranged not neat

Often odd side is masticatory, or it is dental itselfShanghai night net

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Long Debuqi, can cause a tooth occlusive not harmonious, then airframe can move through increasing indulge in idle talk, will improve occlusive obstacle, occurrence grind one’s teeth. What should remind is, the child is when grow permanent teeth, because occlusive relationship is not harmonious, can subliminal occurrence lets a tooth more contacts idea cheek by jowl, after be asleep, this kind of diurnal idea becomes nightly indulge in idle talk with respect to joint performance.

 Liking indulge in idle talk is what reason

Function of 5. stomach bowel is disorder

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As a result of at ordinary times 3 eat are errant, or often dinner takes food to cause gastric bowel function etc in great quantities disorder, can cause the bacterium in gastric bowel to secrete overmuch toxin, after pallium is stimulated by these toxin, can disturb its excitement or control a process, cause sleep grind one’s teeth. Children if often grind one’s teeth, evenForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The likelihood of helminth of vigilant bowel path.

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