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To hypertensive patient, it is the process that coming on very easily in, appear of a few healthy problems, appear very easily e.g. hypertensive patient the symptom of cough. Appear this kind of symptom, must have treatment in time, and to control hypertensive illness, the patient had better not use remedy easily. Here the circumstance falls, dietotherapy became a kind of very good option. Below, introduce hypertensive dietotherapy method for everybody!

How does hypertensive cough do

1, chill of cure of turnip very light blue coughs

Turnip 1, very light blue 6 root, ginger 15 grams. With water 3 bowls thoroughly cook the turnip first, put the very light blue, ginger, surplus that boil again a bowl of soup. Take even broken bits. Announce lung induce sweat, expectorant relieve a cough; Treat chill cough, phlegmy much bubble, companion Wei is cold, body tired ache.

2, brown sugar Jiang Zaoshang is treatedSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Wind coughs

Brown sugar is 30 grams, bright ginger is 15 grams, red jujube 30 grams. With water 3 bowls of decoct had come half, take suddenly, small sweat goes out to heal namely after taking. Drive wind comes loose cold; Treat cough of catch a cold; The stomach is cold smartly; Diarrhoea of postpartum catch a cold catch a cold; Evil shade.

How does hypertensive cough do

3, catch a cold of Shang Ping of Sui of overgrown with weeds coughs

Coriander (caraway) 30 grams, maltose 30 grams, rice 100 grams. First rice abluent, add water to boil boiling water, take rice Shangsan spoon and Sui of overgrown with weeds, the evaporate after maltose agitate 10 minutes, take the advantage of heat to take, the attention takes shelter from the wind cold; Sudoriferous show a list, study move of catch a coldForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Risk the cough that cause.

4, white turnip honey treats chill to cough

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Bailuo predicts 1, honey is 30 grams, white peppery 5 bead, hemp are yellow 2 grams. the turnip abluent, section, put a bowl inside, enter honey and Bai Hu any of several hot spice plants, hemp is yellow etc in all evaporate takes the advantage of heat half hours to be taken suddenly, lie in bed sees sweat heals namely; Sudoriferous medicinal powder cold, coughLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Expectorant, treat chill cough.

How does hypertensive cough do

5, Yang Mi creams the fatigue that treat theory coughs lobar Wei

Ripe suet is 250 grams, ripe ovine marrow is 250 grams, white Sha Mi juice of 250 grams, ginger is 100 milliliter, unripe glutinous rehmannia juice 500 milliliter. Suet decoct, your boil; Second marrow issueing a sheep, make again boil; Second next honey, glutinous rehmannia, ginger juice, not stop agitate, low baking temperature boils several boil to become cream. Daily and hollow lukewarm wine moves 1 spoon, or do Jiang Shang or do congee to feed Yi Ke. Poison of decency of lung of filling empty embellish, dispel, treat deficiency of yin with irritability fatigue of heat of fatigue of evaporate of calorific, bone, empty Wei of lung of emaciated, cough, still have embellish lung profit the effect of skin.

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6, bright pear the bulb of fritillary treats cough lung carbuncle

Xian Li end of 500 grams, the bulb of fritillary 6 grams, white sugar 30 grams. pear flay sliver, go nucleus, fill end of the bulb of fritillary and white sugar, close to be put inside the bowl evaporate is ripe. Cent of morning and evening is fed, clear thermalization is phlegmy, medicinal powder knot induce sweat, with treat cough or lobar carbuncle, disease sees a bosom painful, shiver, cough, calorific, mouth is dry of dry, pharynx, phlegmy yellow fishy or purulent blood is phlegmy etc.

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