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Because the body is inflexible and a lot of people are right gem gal flinchs, actually, more inflexible, should drill more gem gal. When your body is soft, you do not experience gem gal belt1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Easy of the side after giving the body develops the power that come1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, also experience the joyance that is less than camel type to make the side before the body is extended, cannot experience the happiness when each positions open the body more. So inflexible person is not fear of gem gal, want much practice more forcedly more.

Believe a lot of gem gal lover have such problem: Is my body inflexible can Where is Lian Yuga?

Actually, the body is more inflexible, should drill more gem gal. The problem with inflexible body has depended on close muscle, and rather than is excellent bone. Become inflexible when a group of muscle, with respect to flesh of other of meeting block up group take exercise correctly. Movement of drawing of these 6 gem gal, OK and sufficient drawing and the muscle that extend you, the body that invites you becomes more soft and slender.

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1, soldier one type

Hill type stands, double arm nature is loosened, the upper part of the body keeps just, the distance that double leg parts one pace is controlled, right leg and side of the upper part of the body turn 901000 flowers of ShanghaiA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Spend, left foot moves about 30 degrees sunwise.

Along with inspiratory, double arm has lifted the top of head up, both hands put the palms together, the arm maintains unbend. Along with expiratory, music right knee, till right ham and ground parallel, right crus and ground are perpendicular, ham and crus show right angle, bent knee does not exceed tiptoe. (OK also both hands shoulds not 10, up straightforward extend, the palm opposite Yi Ke)

Left leg backward sufficient extend, left knee is tightened up. Facial, bosom and right knee retain as same as right leg face way, the head up, begin extend from coccyx vertebral, double eye looks attentively at the palm of put the palms together.

20-30 second holds in this pose, breathe normally, change a direction to repeat the measure above next.

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