You like always have! The wonderful game check with 9 exclusive PC

As the development of science and technology, all sorts of spirit pursuit of people are increasing also. Among them, electronic game can calculate on held half of country. No matter be 6 years old of child child, still be black prime of life, also or office worker of 30 years old, can be in more or less of leisure fun is searched in game, obtain the relaxation of body and mind. And the growth as people demand, like a rising wind and scudding clouds also is inside game bound, all sorts of game emerge in endlessly. And the PC platform play that needs a computer to be able to play only as most player, compare the platform of lead plane game at and so on of XBOX360, Ps3, it is Pc platform undoubtedly more convenient and quick. And in this among them, the game most propbably of all sorts of full of beautiful things in eyes can let broad player cross-stitch work eye. Today, I take everybody to have a look at those game work that belong to PC platform only.

” lasting column ” it is a game that spends high freely, it is phyletic and OK to have 6 undertake choosing. The setting of the story is the world that a religion and science and technology collide each other, have no longer here powerful or the empire in breaking down, those who replace is a flock of colony that gain freedom. The religion here is culture and ideological big forge, arouse various revolution to free fanaticism. The player can explore those old fokelore that circulate in whole world and world, still can be in oneself factional all round build up form into columns in great quantities. It acceded ” Bo Dezhi door ” in the adventure of classical part and strange unreal, ” cereal glacial wind ” in rich ground palace and intense battle, and ” different region presses down fetch music ” in labyrinthian gut and deep theme, these will be in with brand-new form confluence ” lasting column ” in grandiose world, through gut demand the setting of elaborate scale and character show a more real world for the player.

” lasting column ” have 6 phyletic in all, 11 kinds of professions, you can be chosen among them one of undertaking game, and train of thought of every professional game is very different. Game also gave very tall freedom to spend on group group, you yourself also can organize team of a completely onefold occupational. No matter blast model how, can make sure you finish whole game finally. A bit the most important, if above you do not like these parts, still can establish a few additional roles freely, in the team that can add these parts into oneself. Believe to be able to give like strange unreal to take a risk a very good game experiences the player of kind of game.

” the hero is connected 2 ” the battle course that basically is De Jun of antagonism of Red Army of the Russia when World War II, its whole game is by a Russia Captain that is locked up nuncupative drive. This, players will follow Captain is returned 1941 east line battlefield, direct Su Jun to guard Sidalingele and advance to German churchyard step by step capture finally Berlin. Game gut is in concentration east line, appear many snow ground setting, and a lot of famous battle that still get on occurrence history in game, if Si Dalin case straps battle of battle, Si Maleng Si Ke, Kuersike,encounter and Moscow guard battle.

Alleged troubled times gives a hero, although World War II is in that way brutal, but undeniable that also is a time that the hero comes forth in large numbers. Brilliant over general emerges in endlessly, but they are defeated by more excellent challenges again however, fall on the battlefield with that hot broil finally, and the land of country of redness of skin that only ability of small number of people stands on layer upon layer skeleton to admire them. Game mode is similar to demon animal, interstellar may have some of difficult above hand to the novice, but the player that likes sport of demon animal, interstellar type also mights as well will experience one time, believe to be able to give you a kind of different feeling.

” Rome 2: Full-scale war ” it is the politic tactics with exclusive platform of a PC kind game. The story of game will happen in history on the warlike times of the richest great reputation, can mix most giant outspread battle the instant battle setting with the most grandiose occasion closes 2 for one, its dimensions is series most. This is one passes by development ” Rome: Full-scale war ” the 2nd acting work that the company that make develops, game is initiative at BC the period of a paragraph of chaos caused by war of 3 centuries initial stage, 21 Rome archon was changed inside 30 short years and battlefield of all die in the last ditch.

This game undertook unusually tremendous improvement on the picture, every member in player army has the disposition that he differs completely to follow appearance appearance, and this meeting is in the battle one an organic whole comes out now, if the player is in game development level is fast at country of other computer pilot, so they will regard you as eyesore alliance to eliminate you (nevertheless, you also can break their allied) , so the player’s every act can affect whole war situation. Had done municipal also become very important with diplomacy. In game the player can build his dynasty, no matter be to esteem be apt to, peace, or democracy of kill, view, still be despotic rule, everything by him player preference decision, so this game is spent in freedom go up to not be defeated by imitate likewise kind game. Like strategy kind the player of game mights as well proceed with plays.

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