Does homebred crust hold naked card? Stick explode expect substance of inn of the NS that clean out treasure blocks the shady deal that change mec housing

Be in in last few days of Baidu ” NS ” in, an ID is ” saline watermelon W ” netizen, explode expected clean out shop of on treasure many Switch, use homebred pilfer edition to pack crust to replace the inside story of a plot that original substance cassette sells, caused the panic of players of large quantities of Switch hypostatic cassette. In the meantime, saline watermelon W also announced the method that differentiates pilfer edition cassette, listed much home has ” suspicion ” name of the inn that clean out treasure. Saline watermelon W is stuck W of watermelon of salt of the original intent that stick cut expresses in the card, the hardness th上海龙凤论坛sh1f

at the government installs cassette box formerly and simple sense are apparently good at pilfer edition, imprint in box double joint have Ren Tiantang Logo. Along Logo oversee, meeting discovery has the thing of a circle. Again downward, it is the thing of a circle. The key came, above below the 2nd mentioned circle, can have the code of a HAC-009, the lower part that coding can have the plastic pr上海贵族宝贝论坛

oducts ticket of a triangle. A market price that holds a box formerly is 25 yuan about, and box of edition of a pilfer needs 5 yuan to be able to be taken only, can 上海同城对对碰交友社区

have a deficit not carefully 20 money. Carry the investigation of saline watermelon W, the pilfer edition case that cleans out treasure inn place to offer partly at present is basic it is copy Europe edition. Current Switch the appearance of original cassette box of harbor beautiful day is same, only alone the mouth place of box of Europe edition cassette differs somewhat (but occasionally the beautiful edition of individual game is mixed of harbor edition outside the box also may use the type of the box outside Europe edition, because the game of certain Europe edition acts as agent by Hong Kong,this is, may appear so of harbor edition outside the pattern of box and Europe edition is same) . The game of edition of beautiful day harbor that so the player buys, if be packed by the box outside Europe edition, that had been cheated very like爱上海同城对对碰

ly. General hardness is not homebred pilfer edition box constant error, can let pack a box to bend forcibly a bit be out of shape; And box of pilfer edition cassette often does not have the encode of HAC-009 or the Logo that are Ren Tiantang. Original cassette box is homebred box of pilfer edition cassette (can see code without HAC-009 on cassette box) after a lot of netizens are seeing a card, express oneself in succession ” in action ” . Saline watermelon W is analysed, the part cleans out treasure inn to use pilfer edition the reason of homebred cassette box, probable be through closing secondhand naked card, in loading pilfer edition to block a box next, new model is sealed, go up once more next a price sale that tastes newly with the authorised edition; Also be likely boxes of these pilfer edition cassette, sell the faithful player tha上海贵族宝贝论坛

t wants to collect cassette box the group. Before the Switch player that wants to know more detail can click a link, go to stick textual, see oneself whether also ” in action ” . Baidu sticks stick formerly 1: Nod me to enter? (this sticks child had been deleted) Baidu sticks stick formerly 2: N上海千花网

od me to enter?

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