Feel well of pure and fresh Fujian year: “Zoology is beautiful ” travel economy gains more but period

When breath fresh air becomes one of ends of go on a journey, the travel economy profit that zoology beauty generates more but period

Feel well of pure and fresh Fujian year

Come Fujian spends the New Year particularly much

The Spring Festival that just goes grows 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

a holiday, I save accumulative total to welcome a visitor eighteen million six hundred and thirty-seven thousand two hundred person-time, grow 20.8% compared to the same period, travel gross earnings twelve billion nine hundred and seventy-four million yuan, grow 25.1% compared to the same period. The tourist counts the backside with travel income double growth, appeared Fujian of a new engine is pure and fresh air swims.

Net of the Chinese travel academy, journey that carry Cheng releases jointly ” report of trend of travel of 2017 Spring Festivals and pop chart of person energy of life ” point out, the main flow direction of long-range travel in hibernate and Xue Shichun section is being admired to grow false country on north falls south, but major area suffers China north, Hua Dong faze of place of unhealthy air quality, make one of elements that breathe fresh air to become family of go on a journey to consider.

The Spring Festival that reviews firm past grows a holiday, the travel destination with air high quality has his moment in succession. In the report, before travel of Spring Festival home spends dummy to enrage pop chart 5 Yunnan, Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan, Zhejiang all is the area that air pledges the quantity is in countrywide front row.

The reporter notices, net of the Chinese travel academy, journey that carry Cheng already was successive release 3 years jointly ” report of trend of Spring Festival travel and pop chart of person energy of life ” . Travel of Spring Festival home was joined to spend dummy to enrage pop chart in sheet of a list of names posted up last year oneself, my province already obtained home two years to swim continuously popular province the 2nd.

The relevant statistic data that saves tourism bureau also with this echo:

The county that makes the same score a pool to wait for 14 to establish demonstrative division of national macrocosm travel (city, area) aggregate welcome a visitor three million seven hundred and sixty-six thousand one hundred person-time,

The zoology such as park of wet ground of garden of tiger of Longyan wintersweet hill, lowing river is recreational scene is divisional do not welcome a visitor forty-seven thousand three hundred person-time, twenty-four thousand six hundred person-time,

During the Spring Festival, complete province recieves countryside to swim in all three hundred and three thousand one hundred person-time, go up among them the 5 dragon village, county that connect a city earths up Hangzhou county the scene such as mountain of Ding Wu of mountain fastness of Tian Gu dorp, the Hakkas is divisional do not welcome a visitor one hundred and one thousand six hundred person-time, thirty-eight thousand nine hundred person-time and nineteen thousand eight hundred person-time,

The mainest passenger source of areas of these zoology travel scene, be area of China north, Hua Dong. The personage inside course of study points out, in recent years, my province is aimed at ground of northward passenger source to increase sale of brand of travel of pure and fresh Fujian continuously, the Fujian travel figure of green ecology health is thorough already popular feeling.

In the Fujian Province the ground of travel agent of Kang Hui international accepts a product in, fuzhou + cloud top + smooth pool 3 evening pool of 4 days of peace + Wu Yi hill circuitry of 5 days of two zoology travel endures 4 evening quite northward guest loves. The connection outside the company waits for Wang Dong of central vise general manager to say: Even if smooths in fierce hill, advocate the journey of scene area also alre爱上海同城论坛

ady desalt, we can visit the zoology scene area of a few periphery, wait adrift like green dragon cataract, Yun He, and combine local civilian lodge for the night, accomplish the product as far as possible more comfortable.

Product service waits for promotion

Be in successive two years ” report of trend of Spring Festival travel and pop chart of person energy of life ” in, home swims the first of popular province is Yunnan. Yunnan saves count of holiday travel information to forecast the data that the center releases to show, the Spring Festival grows a holiday this year, this province welcomes a visitor in all twenty-two million nine hundred and sixty-six thousand two hundred person-time, grow 65.28 % compared to the same period; Im爱上海同城手机版

plementation travel income thirteen billion five hundred and fifty-three million yuan, grow 70.6 % compared to the same period.

The travel resource that local difference expends and the ethical culture that dig greatly ceaselessly, bring up the double growth of bright look. The personage inside course of study thinks, ethical culture is the kernel that aftereffect of Yunnan travel development enhances ceaselessly, the experience practice of its innovation, abstraction, be worth Fujian study to draw lessons from very much.

Yunnan is saved civilian ancestor appoint relevant controller新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

introduces when accepting media to interview, in Yunnan, 25 worlds reside minority to have his red-letter day, they are the main turning point that models travel brand. Be the profit from deepness development to them, the ethical red-letter day of Yunnan is celebrated, the ability such as village of food, craft, characteristic realizes confluence of productive c上海千花网龙凤论坛

ourse of study to develop.

In Fujian, section of of all kinds folk-custom celebrates an activity likewise wonderful confused is shown, but the example that combines folk-custom culture and travel industry deepness does not see more. This year the Spring Festival, the branch engineers small town to cross activity of good year theme jointly related we and peaceful peaceful county, local folk-custom gust + resource of travel of zoology is in the ground serves as sell a site, activity that day Cong Huadong, wide deep ground of two main passenger source received many 1300 visitor. Wang Dong tells a reporter.

Also the expert thinks, health the mining strength inadequacy that raises travel product also is the bottleneck that I save zoology travel to develop. Height of product of hot spring travel is for instance coessential change, the problem such as develop produce weakness, bring about the hot spring travel inside complete province limits to go vacationing product development effici爱上海同城对对碰

ency is not tall. Travel of Fujian river institute fastens associate professor Lin Aiping to think, the development that I save hot spring tourism still needs to strengthen superintend guide, the environment is built, communal brand construction, upgrade replacement and market are developed.

Institute of travel of overseas Chinese university teachs Zheng Xiangmin to suggest, I visit the home that serves as maritime the Silk Road, the dominant position that expands byssus travel is advantaged, can drive fontal city to make the travel culture brand with maritime bit more initiative the Silk Road mainly this year.

Still travel expert points out, it is the most important to go after happy feeling to already made tourist go on a tour target. This also is the ultimate goal that I save development macrocosm zoology to travel, province tourism bureau Chen Weiping of former deputy inspector suggests, the travel that I save is communal the macrocosm that the mentions safety of qualitative, travel to guarantee a system without the increment that seams butt joint, public toilet ceaseless and perfect, wisdom that serves a system to never can be the same as traffic form travels is changed enclothe wait for a respect to perfect.

The reporter learns from province tourism bureau, last year, my province is built and change extend 682 travel toilet, 10 travel that include provincial Party committee to save a government to be solid item of run by the local people to look are distributing center the service center also builds completely. This year, my province still will urge construction 5 travel are distributing center center, build and change extend toilet of 300 above travel, macrocosm of toilet of travel of implementation complete province is enclothed, the measure is adequate, use free.

Responsibility edits: Jiang Xiaobin

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