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Honey pumpkin cake is a very delicate small sweetmeats, taste not only goluptious, among them nutrient value is rich, because join pumpkin and honey, the nutrition that place of OK and compensatory body needs becomes cent and microelement, be together old little all the snack of appropriate, the way is simple, andShanghai noble baby

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And very economic time, we let see particular way below.

Honey pumpkin cake, one action teachs you to make honey pumpkin cake easily

Feed material detail; Pumpkin 200g, milk a bag, yeasty pink is right amount, flour 500g, honey right amount

pumpkin flay stripping and slicing, the evaporate in be being put into electric pressure cooker is ripe

evaporate ripe pumpkin puts arrange machine, add milk, hit pumpkin into hoosh, join agitate of yeast, flour, honey to become even panada

Allot panada park room temperature ferment 2 hours or so, until beehive shape hole appears in panada, ferment namely finish

oven warm-up, join panada bake dish in, put into the oven of warm-up, 190 degrees, 35 minutes the left and right sides

Honey pumpkin cake, one action teachs you to make honey pumpkin cake easily

After time arrives, take out outfit of stripping and slicing dish

In also can be being put into paper cup, bake make

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Take the advantage of pumpkin

Pumpkin calls pumpkin, pumpkin, meal melon again, its nutrition is rich, contain protein, adipose, carbohydrate and vitamin, carotene andForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Calcic, phosphor, iron. Especially carotene and vitamin C content are in melon kind in taller.

Modern research discovers, cobalt of microelement of human body lack is to cause one of tall blood fat, coronary heart disease, diabetic causes. Every kilograms of cobalt in pumpkin

Honey pumpkin cake, one action teachs you to make honey pumpkin cake easily

content is as high as 126 milligram, occupy of all kinds commissariat, vegetable first place. Because this classics mufti feeds pumpkin, can increase the insulin inside body to release a quantity,

Make diabetic insulin secrete normalization, consider the curative effect that be less than of purpose to reducing blood sugar.

The cellulose in pumpkin is contained those who abound is pectic. Pectic after entering human body, can be together with redundant cholesterol felt, outside eduction body,

Reduce content of the cholesterol in serum, have kind of congee of artery of prevention and cureLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Sclerotic action.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think, sex of pumpkin flavour pleasant is lukewarm, have lung of gas of the beneficial in filling, embellish effectiveness of antiphlogistic and expectorant, acetanilide, alexipharmic pesticidal.

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