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Well-known, jiang Shang and red syrup have the effect with cold drive, for instance somebody outside by drench later can drink Shui Quhan of Jiang Sigong candy, can prevent a cold so, besides, water of ginger silk brown sugar still is had appetizing be good at a lot of function such as lienal, warm stomach, this is the very simple method that treats a disease even, will want to learn to make full use of henceforth so.

Does water of ginger silk brown sugar have effect? The expert answers back and forth!

One, there is a patient after water of ginger brown sugar applies to chill to catch a cold or getting wet in the rain

Cold chill, aversion to cold is calorific, have a headache n&v snuffle, syrup of civilian commonly used ginger is treated. Particular way is: With ginger one chunk section or cut into shreds decoct water, add a few brown sugar () of white sugar Yi Ke, the stretch that take heat is taken below. The patient with light-duty to the cold or husky constitution, often can medicine is divided to disease. This kind of method is the most commonly used Yu Yuhan prevents a cold, if be in cold night is long travel, fall into water save case, dash forward meet with when drench, drink a bowl in time to be bornA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Water of ginger brown sugar, sweat one’s previous experience is warm, all over free from worry, often can achieve precautionary goal. After taking, had better sleep lie build sweat be extractioned, prevent cold.

Does water of ginger silk brown sugar have effect? The expert answers back and forth!

2, chills and fever of the evil that divide wind, typhoid fever has a headache n&v snuffle, cough go against asthma, stop vomiting, go phlegmy next gas, go oedema gas bilges, appetizing be good at lienal

Ginger sex lukewarm flavour is hot, contain the oily volatile such as Jiang Chun, still have1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Oily phenol of ginger hot element, vitamin, ginger, colophony, amylaceous, fiber and a few mineral. Enhance haemal circulation, exciting gastric juice to secrete, excited bowel path, promote digest, be good at stomach is stomachic. And modern medicine also thinks, ginger has diluteLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Blood, reduce cholesterol, cleared freedom base, combat anile effect.

Does water of ginger silk brown sugar have effect? The expert answers back and forth!

3, gas of the beneficial in filling, be good at taste, warm stomach

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Brown sugar is without refined jaggery, withheld more vitamin and mineral. It not only suit a female, suit old person edible more, suit aged body to reach the person that heals at the beginning of a serious illness to eat infirmly particularly. It is inchoate and common brown sugar of practical; of drink of brown sugar preserve one’s health still can remove a poison to raise colour effect, drink brown sugar water to also have to the skin more maintain first-rately action.

4, other effect

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Black candy adds longan, Jiang Zhigong to boil, have in filling, enrich the blood the effect;

Take sweet potato, brown sugar, Jiang Zhiyi to be boiled together, have effect of preserve one’s health not to provide the mug-up of gust together more not only.

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