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Aubergine grows very to resemble plain boiled pork, a lot of people do not love to eat aubergine, because aubergine is soft soft, without flavour, do incorrectly do not meet delicious, actually aubergine is in on collocation after lean lean, flavour is very pretty good, and it is steaky pork and pointed any of several hot spice plants, plus a few burden, cut aubergine and lean lean into small Ding Zhuang entirely, in be being put in boiler slowly stew boil, aubergine itself is OK oil absorption, need puts the oil with much capacity, flavour just has been met.

The practice detailed of bittern of aubergine diced meat is solved

Advocate makings:

Field aubergine 1

Steaky pork 100g

50g of pointed any of several hot spice plants

Complementary makings:

Green ginger end each 10g

Aniseed 1

Garlic powder 20Forum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net

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Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum


Oily 50ml

Be born draw 2 spoon

Aniseed 1

Saline a few

Shanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
Balm a few

The practice detailed of bittern of aubergine diced meat is solved


1, husk garden aubergine, cut Cheng Xiaoding, cut green pepper and steaky pork again Ding ZhunShanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
Equipment is good.

Shanghai night net

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2, the boiler that heat up oil firstShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

Forum of Shanghai night net
Put an aniseed and green ginger end to fry a fragrance, join steaky pork man to break up at the same time fry, next rejoin aubergine man breaks up fry, let aubergine and steaky pork be fried together ripe, add some of unripe extraction flavor. Guan Xiaohuo, aubergine and fleshy stew ripe stew rots, fast ripe hind add green pepper to continue to be fried a few times, join the salt that suits him taste, balm of dot a few and scatter on unripe garlic powder can.

3, after noodle is thoroughlied cook, it is OK on the face to irrigate aubergine bittern irrigate aubergine bittern, like to eat hot person to be able to change green pepper into pointed any of several hot spice plants. Those who need an attention is, bittern of diced meat of the aubergine that make when, should compare the taste that stir-fries at ordinary times a little a few saltier.

The practice detailed of bittern of aubergine diced meat is solved

Sweet little hint:

1, aubergine has long aubergine and round aubergine, round aubergine makes range of aubergine diced meat, taste is the purest.

2, aubergine likes oil absorption, remember wanting to use steaky pork certainly, the flesh is not fat aubergine disapprobation!

3, taste debugs how many him basis of salt, first little hind much principle is added.

4, aubergine collocation gives birth to garlic is to match absolutely, summer eats garlic disease of path of bowel of OK and antiseptic precaution, flavour will be very good at the same time. If you are fed up with the flavour of unripe garlic, can put him inside boiler more much boil in a covered pot over a slow fire a little while, let it become ripe, flavour is not big.

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