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The claw that use chicken comes Bao soup is a kind of righter choice, its taste not only delicious and goluptious still contain very rich collagen protein, have to human body fight consenescence, reduce furrow to wait effect a moment. Gallinaceous claw is OK still and on a few tie-inner feed capable person otherly, for instance the medlar on collocation is had red jujube has very good method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood to enrich the blood very well on effect of filling this world, collocation the effect is waited a moment, its collocation has a lot of, gallinaceous claw and what Bao soup introduce below best.

Gallinaceous claw and what Bao soup are best

Soup of phoenix claw of Bao of earthnut of lotus lotus root


Chicken is ungual 1 right, earthnut 55A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
200g of G, lotus lotus root, keel 2, a few of water 2L, salt


1, earthnut immerses 15 minutes with hot water.

2, take out earthnut clothes next, water is put after keel is abluent in slightly scald water.

3, after scald good water abluent put bowl in, the water that adds 2L waits to be burned. Lotus lotus root is niftyShanghai Long Feng forum

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An account is cut after.

4, lotus lotus root and earthnut are put after awaiting water to be burned.

5, turn small fire Bao after 2 hours can edible, put a few salt to flavor.

Gallinaceous claw and what Bao soup are best

Ungual soup of chicken of Xianggu mushroom chestnut

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Gallinaceous claw 6, chestnut 200g, Xianggu mushroom 10, ginger 3, salt is right amount

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1, gallinaceous claw clears clean put water of the scald inside boiler, (Boil 1~ with clear water minute) .

2, after fish out comes, cut off fingernail, put Chinese chestnut into water to burn fish out, pare chestnut carapace.

3, will bright stay of proceedings is abluent, after immersing for some time, go the base of a fruit, cut a cross to spend;(convenient tasty to Xianggu mushroom with the knife)

4, in putting all material such as foot of chestnut, Xianggu mushroom, chicken and Jiang Pian made of baked clay bowl together.

5, enter right amount water (by) of him family heft, small fire slow Bao is used 1.5 hours after conflagration is boiled.

6, before involving fire finally, transfer into right amount salt will flavor can.

Soup of foot of chicken of Xianggu mushroom medlar


Gallinaceous claw 12, 30g of dry Xianggu mushroom, medlar 2 spoon, ham 1 small, bead of Chinese prickly ash 1 teaspoon, shallot 2 root, very light blue 1 paragraph, ginger 1, salt is right amount, white saccharic and right amount, cooking wine right amount, pepper is right amount, sweet sesame oil is right amount


1, Wen Shuizhong is entered in the basin, transfer into divide evenly of agitate of 1 teaspoon white sugar, ; ginger immerses to cut 3 in the basin is being put after dry Xianggu mushroom is rinsed slightly with clear water, shallot is abluent go green must pull 2 green to written guarantee; very light blue is patted broken reserve; ham cuts Ding Bei to use.

Gallinaceous claw and what Bao soup are best

2, after bead of Chinese prickly ash joins right amount clear water to be boiled, enter the spreading for cooling in big bowl, join pat broken very light blue paragraph, ginger 1 and cooking wine 1 teaA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna
Spoon, after rinsing the gallinaceous claw that buys clean, put immerse 2-3 hour reserves.

Love Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea

3, have the gallinaceous claw that has immersed reconditioning: Cut go toenail, the chrysalis skin of the yellow on will ungual heart rips clean; water takes inside boiler, put 1 into ginger, green knot reachs cooking wine of 1 small spoon 1 times, after water leaves, chicken claw puts float to iron, rush with foam of float of clear water general after fish out clean.

4, after precipitation filters, the Xianggu mushroom water that delivers bubble Xianggu mushroom enters arenaceous boiler inside, arenaceous boiler infuse full amount rinses, put gallinaceous claw into boiler, the float foam that after conflagration is boiled, gets on noodles in soup is cast aside clear again, put 1 into ham man, ginger, green writtens guarantee 1, small fire Bao turns to make after conflagration is boiled.

5, after gallinaceous ungual Bao restricts half hour, pour Xianggu mushroom, medlar into boiler, take out green form refuse, the material in boiler continue after agitate divide evenly gently Bao is stewed.

6, Bao comes when ungual soft glutinous is crisp and chicken is not sodden (about again half hour) , pepper of right amount refined salt, a few is put to flavor inside boiler, on drench before the desk a few sweet sesame oil.

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